Tips to change your life and involving in PROJECT CEO

1. GET UP AND GET OUT!! Yup. First thing u need to do is to get up and get out from your current circle. There’s a whole other world out there. Explore it. If u still be at the same circle of peoples, same environment, guess what? You will be at the same state of mind.

2. Follow those who are proven successful in their business(es). If someone self proclaim saying he’s successful enough but still staying at cheap place, driving a cheap wheel, you better watch out! He might be a cunning CONMAN. Or perhaps he just keep the money for himself. OR…he just CHEAP. Either way, u need to run for your life from these peeps.

3. Be with the peoples who constantly remembering Allah, days and evening. (Please refer to our Life Manual Book, Al Kahfi verse 28).

4. When u do something, do it earnestly. If you are not, dont even bother to try. In life, whatever we do, be an excellent version of it.

5. Be at the place where your income is “UNLIMITED”. The place which practise the concept of income from the profit,commission etc. Wage and salary so unpractical. Both are fixed and limited.

6. Learn and mastered the skills of FACE TO FACE selling method. Talk to strangers will boost your confidence level.

I’ve done all the above. I’m a living evidence. Verily, my life has changed. I used to live my life working and getting paycheck monthly as a government servant and now, I have my Mentor, Great Platform, Awesome Team and Paling penting income 5 angka sebulan.


Izzah Thesecond

32 Tahun

#ProjectCeo #Infiniti7 #SukaKayaRaya

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